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Parking lots and commercial paving are specialties of Parrotta Paving. Whether it’s asphalt or concrete work, the experts in parking lots are here for your next project. Along with commercial businesses we can also do parking lots for municipalities in the area. Regardless of how small or large your parking lot might be, we’ve got the licensed, bonded and insured crews to handle it professionally and quickly with minimal disruptions to your business. Getting started only take a quick call or email.


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Asphalt & Concrete Parking Lots

Depending on your location you might need asphalt instead of concrete parking lot. The reason is that certain materials work better in particular environments. If you’d like to discuss all the options in parking lots, or which materials are best for your specific project, contact us. You can email us using the handy form on this page or simply call us directly. It only takes a few minutes to talk about what you’d like to do so get started by reaching out today.